HTC and Specialized show how to do team branding well

Their 2011 kit may be unspeakably bland – black shorts do not a “retro-inspired” kit make – but the HTC-Highroad team and the riders aren’t. They swear, they laugh, they are funny. The are not robots who just ride bikes.

It’s something that Specialized have recognised in these clips for the squad. ┬áIt’s the perfect antidote to the overly serious clips Team Sky seem to be so fond of

HTC Men’s Squad

HTC Women’s Squad

It’s good to see a team giving equal attention to both their squads. It’s 2011, if you aren’t actively pursuing a strategy in the sport which involves more than 50% of the population, take a look at what you think you can achieve. Yes, women like racing bikes and watching racing too.

Not sure why there’s so much of Mike Sinyard, big boss of Specialized, in the clips but I guess they’re his bikes so can stays in the picture.

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