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My current cycling wishlist

As the season draws to a close, the big shows also get underway as manufacturers show off what they think we will want to buy next year. I’ve got a few items on my wishlist, most of which aren’t brand-spanking … Continue reading

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Jamie Staff and Shanaze Reade on BMX

Here’s that video clip I promised you. Yes, I know the audio’s out of synch due to dropped frames and I’m pretty embarrassed that I couldn’t remember where Shanaze is from but I don’t want to hurl my laptop out … Continue reading

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London Freewheel at Buckingham Palace

London freewheel at Buckingham Palace, originally uploaded by leguape. Here’s one of the pics I took today out and about at the Freewheel. Didn’t get to interview Victoria but got a couple of bits with Ed Clancy about the Worlds) … Continue reading

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