Jamie Staff and Shanaze Reade on BMX

Here’s that video clip I promised you. Yes, I know the audio’s out of synch due to dropped frames and I’m pretty embarrassed that I couldn’t remember where Shanaze is from but I don’t want to hurl my laptop out the window in the course of tinkering further. Enjoy.

Jamie Staff and Shanaze Reade on BMX from Alex Murray on Vimeo.

Meanwhile the World Road Race Championships are under way which totally escaped my notice. For some reason I had then down under the other day starting with a T, Thursday.

I’m going to take a punt on the Men’s Road Race winner and say Oscar Friere sneaking it while everyone is watching Paolo Bettini and Alejandro Valverde. That or another lesser-known rider taking advantage of the big nations marking each other and carrying them to the line.

I can’t quite figure out the Great Britain plan. David Millar should obviously ride for the Time Trial title in the absence of Fabian Cancellara, but with Levi Leipheimer hot after the Vuelta and the team riding for him in the Road Race he might be more focused on that.

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