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Going without

The last seven days have been lousy for training. The edge might have gone off my fitness a bit and I’ve been suffering from extreme tiredness as well, making it doubly hard to get out on the bike. I was … Continue reading

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Condor Tempo

Condor Tempo, originally uploaded by leguape. The new bike, through the Cycle2work scheme. A singlespeed Condor Tempo with fixed/free. Running 46/18 free and 46/17 fixed. Lovely bike to ride. This will be my everyday bike from now on. It’s getting … Continue reading

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Balanced scales?

I really am very close to winging my bathroom scales out the window. My weight is never the same on the blasted things meaning I’ve been everything from 76kg to 71kg in the last week alone. How on earth am … Continue reading

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