Some of the things Sir Bradley Wiggins might say to Andrew Marr about Grand Tour TUEs

I could have misjudged XIX Management’s strategy on this, but their game now is re-positioning Wiggins as a mainstream “inspirational” lifestyle brand. That’s why they’ve chosen Marr and not a sports outlet or journalist. I didn’t see this coming.

So here’s some things that seem to me obvious lines that you’ll hear in the interview (which is a pre-record anyway):

  • They were within a strict framework that all agencies agree, we didn’t bend the law, we stuck to it
  • They were medically necessary, I followed doctor’s orders
  • Dr Freeman has been British Cycling doctor and has spotless record
  • Leinders played no role in my TUEs
  • We’d done lots of data and the inhalers were ineffective in managing the condition over 3 weeks
  • In shorter races my respiratory condition was manageable with inhalers
  • While others have abused TUEs we had absolutely no intention in our use
  • We didn’t have any fat to burn, I would have got sick if I lost more fat
  • I know it looks bad, but we’re not in the cheating game
  • I love this sport
  • I couldn’t cheat and live with myself, my wife, my children
  • Here’s my numbers, they were as strong before use as after use

Eyes down for a full house, Sunday 0900BST on BBC One

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