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Will Sky’s millions make a difference?

There’s been a big buzz around the announcement of Sky (part of Rupert Murdoch’s News International operation) putting down a sum of money to be a “partner” of British Cycling. A very prescient move on the part of Sky given … Continue reading

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And if you type “Monkey on a bike” into google…

"Monkey on a bike", need I say more!, originally uploaded by oregonlahar. This is what you get. Good position on the bike, paws on the drops ready for sprinting. Damn that monkey looks better on a bike than me.

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Why Shanaze Reade is a winner

To be honest I’m a bit down about her crashing out of the Olympic final. Everyone thought it would be a formality, even Chris Hoy who doesn’t get much wrong when it comes to bike racing. I even got up/got … Continue reading

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