Balanced scales?

I really am very close to winging my bathroom scales out the window. My weight is never the same on the blasted things meaning I’ve been everything from 76kg to 71kg in the last week alone. How on earth am I meant to measure my weight lose with such variables?

I’ve been trying to eat reasonably well but I’m not given to cutting things out or the sort of food zealotry that typifies some people’s approach to getting in shape for a big event. So, yes I am still having things like fish and chips on Friday nights and takeaways when I’ve got nothing in or am too tired to cook after a long or late shift.

The reason I’m finding it frustrating is that all this variation doesn’t seem to be having much effect on how I feel on the bike. I don’t feel much heavier when they say 71 (as they did on Friday) or 74 (as they did this morning) and surely there’s no way I can fluctuate that much in such a short time, is there?

More concerning is that since last Sunday’s sportif I haven’t really been on the bike much other than commuting due to being on the late shift. Back to racing on Tuesday but I expect I’ll be a bit off peak form so will have to sit in and behave like I should do.

I’ve signed up for the Highclere sportif on 10 June as my next distance test before the UK and French Etape. will probably be riding with one of my clubmates, Rich, on the long 115 mile route as we both look for some form before the Etape. Anyone else who fancies riding with us is welcome to join us on the day.

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