My current cycling wishlist

As the season draws to a close, the big shows also get underway as manufacturers show off what they think we will want to buy next year. I’ve got a few items on my wishlist, most of which aren’t brand-spanking new.

Bont cycling shoes (350 USD)

As worn by the GB cycling team at the Olympics. Jamie Staff had a pair I think and possibly Victoria Pendleton too. I fancy a pair in black, maybe white, that patent leather look is slick and suitably futurist. I’m apparently a size 40, according to their sizing chart.

Zipp 404 clincher wheelset (1500 GBP)

The daddy of the deep section. I’ve seen enough people riding them and heard them whooshing past me often enough to know I would like a pair. They may not be the lightest wheel or whatever but there’s something about the shape and look of them on a bike that says business. I’ve marked myself down for Shimano drivetrain clinchers because I can’t face the prospect of tubulars and getting glue all over the kitchen.

Hed Jet 50 wheelset (663 GBP)

I’ll settle for these in lieu of the Zipp wheels. My friend Robin has a pair and they look very swishy indeed. He says they roll well and give that proper aero feel once you get up to speed.

Bianchi B4P 928 T-Cube Frameset (1300 GBP)

Call me heathen if you must but don’t tell me it doesn’t look sexy in monochrome, even more so that the classic celeste. I’ve been wanting one for quite a while now and it’s nothing to do with it being what the Barloworld team ride. It’s a Bianchi, they are always sexy. The 53 size seems to be exactly the same geometry as my current Merckx frame, something which sways me further.

Rapha Cap (25 GBP)

My current one, which I’ve had since sometime in late 2005, has given up the ghost – the peak cracked and caved in. So I’m in the market for a new one as it’s one of those items which I get far too much use out of to go without. The depth is right, the material is comfortable and unlike other caps I’ve tried, it does the job in the rain and sun alike. The medium size fits me fine.

I’m sure there’s more stuff I’d love to try or buy but these are the top items. If you would like to buy them for me don’t let the current financial climate stand in the way of an impecunious purchase for me.

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