The most amazing goodie bag of Liquigas kit arrived today

My friend Perry is one lucky man: His day job is playing guitar in Pendulum which means he gets to rock it on a regular basis. It also means he has plenty of time to ride his bikes (he has several lovely ones to choose from).

And he’s friends with Manuel Quinziato, which means he gets to hang out and go riding with pros like Daniel Oss, Frederik Willems, Ivan Santaromita and Jacopo Guarnieri.

l-r: Frederik Willems, Jacopo Guarnieri, Manuel Quinziato, Perry from Pendulum, Daniel Oss, Ivan Santaromita

“l-r: @willemsfrederik @jacopoguarnieri@manuelquinziato me! @Daniel87Oss & Ivan Santaromita”

You might have noticed the Liquigas boys in the photo seem to be wearing a lot of last season’s kit, which is obviously out of date now with their new Liquigas-Cannondale kit.  I got home to find a large parcel waiting for me from Perry. The packaging didn’t last long.

Liquigas-Doimo kit 2010

Liquigas-Doimo kit 2010

Absolutely amazing!

I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am to get a present like this. Genuine pro kit, including very cool rain jackets and waterproof gilet.

I would like to thank Perry and the Liquigas boys whose kit I have now added to my ever growing wardrobe.

PS, you Italians are skinny blighters, but it does all fit (just).

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