The BBC’s new commitment to cycling?

In nearly as many months we’ve had coverage of the Tour of Britain and the World Championships. Has the BBC turned a corner and decided that cycling is worthy of inclusion in its schedules?

Yes, the critics will argue that the coverage was only highlights but with the ever-informative Hugh Porter behind the microphone, ably assisted by Chris Boardman, today’s coverage of the time trials was pretty solid. Maybe it’s the interviewees but the reporter they used just didn’t seem to click for me – it felt like a classic case of Grandstand using a generalist to fill the gap rather than someone with a bit of expertise.

But there’s no denying the coverage was generally good, although with highlights programmes it’s very easy to crop out the flat patches. Even so it was more than a match for ITV’s Tour de France coverage. Question is, will I be home in time tomorrow for the coverage of the men’s and women’s road races?

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