Murcia, home of Valverde

And also home of some bloody big hills which I have just about recovered from slogging up. I took no pictures as I was too busy trying not to be sick or pass out.

It’s a lovely place to take a bike and next time I’ll definitely be taking mine. My friend Alex, who I was staying with, had managed to commandeer me a mountain bike for our excursions but it felt very odd riding someone else’s bike. That at least is the excuse I am giving for my lousy climbing and general lack of ability on the couple of rides we did.

On both days we got passed by local club riders pelting up the climbs on their lightweight road bikes as we laboured on clunky mountain bikes. More annoying was that we got passed by a couple of young lads of no more than 15, who made a point of shifting up and belting past us – two gone 30 blokes wheezing their way up the hill.

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