Christmas gift ideas: Leather gloves

Every year people ask me what’s the best gloves to keep their hands warm in winter. There is only one answer: Leather

Now as a cyclist, you’re thinking “he’s going to say get the Rapha Leather Town Gloves” (£120) and yes, I might suggest them, but there are equally good alternatives.

Rapha Leather Town glove

At the moment I’m relying on a very generic pair of leather gloves from TK Maxx

Dents shooting gloves (£60) are silk lined and come with a track record of “doing the job well” which is important when it comes to winter gear.

Dents Shooting Gloves

Note the foldable trigger finger, perfect for all you touch-screen phone users, just make sure you get the ones for whichever hand you poke your phone with. Dents also do a wide range of other leather gloves to suit your needs.

Perhaps the best value can be found in one of the secret stores for great accessories: Marks and Spencer with prices starting at a more than modest £15. I have a pair that have survived several winters and still remain very wearable.

Marks and Spencer's Leather gloves

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