Christmas gift ideas: Rapha Breton Sweater & Merino Base Layer Bundle

Rapha Breton Sweater

Rapha Breton Sweater

I love a bit of Rapha. In fact, I love a lot of Rapha. If you are buying someone something that says “I really do love you” then anything from the Perrin Street label will get the message across, except perhaps the soap.

The best value items are the bundles where typically you see a significant discount for buying more than one item. There’s something there for every budget – GYAC it’s Christmas, you can stretch to £17.50 for the Bidon two-pack or £30 for a three-pack of socks.

At the moment I like the look of the Rapha Breton Sweater and Merino Base Layer Bundle at £140. Given that the Breton jersey costs £130 on its own, that means you’re getting the merino baselayer for a tenner.

If none of the bundles float your boat, then there’s plenty more to choose from on the Gifts page which I’m reliably informed is one of the most visited parts of their site (HINT!).

(Someone is shouting “I’ve visited it!” over my shoulder).

If you need help with your expensive tastes, there is a support group for Rapha Junkies on Facebook

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