Etape du Tour survival: Key times and distances guide

Here’s something I ran up for the event and which I’ll be taping to my top tube on the day. It’s a cut out and stick on guide to the key distances, times and locations for the day.

Etape du Tour 2010 key points guide

It should be fairly self-explanatory, but in case it isn’t:

  • Black numbers on left are the distance in kilometres from the start (to nearest kilometre)
  • Place names are of key points on the route including climbs and feed stations
  • Place names in red are elimination zones
  • Times in red are the cutoff times for the broom wagon/voiture balai
  • Green picnic tables indicate food is available at feed station
  • Bottles indicate drink is available at feed station

I’m heading off today on Eurostar and then the sleeper to Pau. I may tweet a bit along the way but this will be my last post before the big day, unless I find an internet cafe or something.

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