Wee Bert Contador’s big wheels

He’s known round our house as “Wee Bert Contador” on account of someone once describing him as “that wee lad who rides with Armstrong” last year.

2010 is going to be a bugger of a year for him if you believe some of the more partisan pieces of criticism of him, such as these two beauties from Versus:

Armstrong vs Contador – Wisdom vs Knowledge – Joe Parkin

Mass Exodus Leaves Team Astana in Shambles – Bob Roll

I can see where Joe is going with his piece, not that I entirely agree. Bob’s I’ve gone long on salt with. Cyclocosm has done a great analysis, thus saving me the typing: Versus’ War on Contador.

Which leaves me more time to marvel at the wheels on Wee Bert’s new ride in Specialized’s promo reel (neat use of CC subtitling btw) which I clocked over on Bianchista

De-badged Zipp 1080s is my guess. An utterly preposterous wheel to be be out on a training ride on. But he’s Wee Bert, so he can get away with it.

I really hope he gets to this year’s TDF in full form and without all the ball-ache of 2009. Not easy when co-habiting with Vino in a Kazakh team, but it can’t be any worse than last year is supposed to have been, can it?

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