Worst professional kit of 2010: Footon-Servetto-Fuji

I am reliably told that nude and flesh tones are the most happening colours in fashion this season.

My friend Lance Woodman pointed me in the direction of this fashion hate crime.

footon-servetto-fuji kit 2010

I hereby declare the competition for the worst professional kit of 2010 OVAH!

Did the designer accidentally pick up a copy of Elle rather than GQ when putting this number together? Or did the poor soul get handed a list of permitted colours and despair before getting the job done as quickly as possible and invoicing extra for loss of dignity.

See these guys?

footon-servetto-fuji national jerseys 2010

Those are the faces of men who know they’ve dodged the bullet by not having to wear the team kit for at least the first six months of the year.

The only question that comes to mind, apart from the Peter-Alleneque “WHY?” is

“Which came first, the kit or the bike?”

Ultimately it doesn’t matter because what we do know is that metallic colours do not translate into lycra without the use of sequins. Come to think of it, if it had been sequined jersey I would have applauded the iconoclasm.

I had been preparing myself to dissect the relative merits of the new BMC kit over on Bianchista but frankly whether or not the red shorts work is neither here nor there. They are wrong but does it even matter now?

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