Sunday driving

I could use this opportunity to get on one about numpty drivers in Richmond Park (which park of “no parking outside of the car parks” and the solid white line denoting no overtaking on Broomfield Hill are too hard to understand?) but it would be much akin to the colour remake of Psycho.

Instead I’m just going to sling up a link to my muxtape (it’s an online mixtape) featuring some of the tracks I like listening to when I’m out on the bike enjoying three laps of the park. Yes there may be a tendency towards mid-90s British indie but it’s what I grew up on and what used to be on my walkman when I headed off on my BMX for an adventure around Surrey. The rest of it is all stuff that makes the time go by not much quicker but more enjoyably.

Check out my muxtape

According to the computer I was averaging around 26km/h today without pushing myself too much which I’m fairly happy with as it includes the slightly more leisurely ride there and back which pulls my average down.

It was great to see a few young kids out on the road with attentive parents watching as they gingerly rode round what must be a pretty daunting ride for a young kid given the traffic and terrain.

And while I was tootling around the park my girlfriend was enjoying the Italian national champs on telly over there. Jealous, much?

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