It’s in fashion

Hat tip to for this one:

Watch skinny cyclist with dodgy shades

which is actually a story about fashion and cycling.

Topshop have picked up on cycling as one of this summer’s trends which is amazing for so many reasons. Here’s a few of the key ones:

  • Cycling as fashionable
  • The most dominant arbiter of taste in the high street switching on to cycling as something their target audience should enjoy
  • Women being encouraged to cycle (yes, everyone should but women are hugely under-represented on the roads for various reasons)
  • The message is that you don’t have to be a sweaty middle-aged man in ill-fitting lycra to enjoy riding a bike
  • Cycling is fun

OK seasonal trends come and go every six months or so but they leave a trace in the wardrobes and psyche of the nation’s shoppers. If it means that next summer there’s still a few more people who love their bikes, I’m happy.

Now all we need is for a big men’s retailer to get the message…

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