Back ’em, bury ’em

So the Tour De France is underway, much to my total elation as it is every year. It means I get a chance to write a bit more about cycling than usual, such as this profile of Mark Cavendish:

Cavendish ready to step up

Of course riders who I tip or favour should be aware of my long running form in burying their chances of winning anything. In fact I think the last rider I successfully tipped was Floyd Landis, and look how that turned out. I say I tipped him, well I told my mate Stu to put a bit on him when he was at 70-1 or so before the 2006 TDF. He did quite well out of it, I didn’t as I neglected to put money on.

So if Cav fails to win a stage, you can almost certainly blame me.

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