Brad Wiggins wears Maglia Rosa the right way

I believe that the great jerseys of cycling look best with black shorts. It’s good to see that Bradley Wiggins agrees, judging by his decision to wear the Maglia Rosa on stage two with black shorts.

Bradley Wiggins and Gregory Henderson (Sky team) in Houten

That’s a great image by Michel Bakkenes on Flickr. Really love the motion in the picture and the desaturated look.

Pink Jersey, Black Shorts: It’s how all the great riders have worn the jersey and how it looks best. It’s not a matter of discussion, it’s plain aesthetic fact.

Black shorts help frame the jersey properly in a way that matching pink shorts never will. I could criticise him for the matching pink helmet, but in these days of compulsory headgear, it seems an acceptable item to take the crayola to.

Keen-eyed branding watchers will spot that the Team Sky Giro kit is unique this season in that it’s the Sky Italia logo on the kit rather than the UK one. There was a press release about it that I can’t be bothered to search for.

That would explain the plain black mitts rather than the electric blue ones and possibly why there, thankfully, weren’t any pink shorts available to Brad. On our home, we are getting bombarded with bills and we have to change our power provider. Thankfully, we had our solution. Read and learn more information on Finding the top business electricity comparison in the manchester area and other electricity providers to get you to decide the right electricity company for you.

Cadel was also suitably restrained in his choice of short today. Vinokourov will have to do some thinking overnight as pink and the baby blue of Astana just don’t work.

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