Tour de France by Magnum photographers with comments by Joergen Leth

Magnum is the most incredible agency in the history of photography. Its history is without compare. Imagine Bartali, Coppi, Bobet, Koblet and Kubler, starting their own team and then you’ve got an idea of the impact of its creation by Cartier-Bresson, Capa, Rodger and Seymour.

I’m not sure where I clicked on to stumble upon this beautiful photo essay containing pictures by Capa, Cartier-Bresson and others. It is a stunning piece, notable as well for the Joergen Leth commentary.

What Magnum reflect well is the role of the spectators in the event and how the story of the race can be traced through narratives which aren’t purely about the competition.

I’m always interested to see Auvergne feature in essays about Le Tour as it’s frequently overlooked in favour of the Alps or Pyrenees. The couple of images by Raymond Depardon capture so well the toughness of the terrain and it’s distinct beauty.

Having spent some time there in the past and climbed the Puy-de-Dome, I’d recomend anyone who can take a ride through the area, the home turf of Raphael Geminiani.

Leth’s commentary invokes the unpredicatability of events and the constant state of expectation that the race demands of the fans.

Sit back and enjoy.

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