Recommended cycling podcasts: Bike Show, Real Peloton, Velocast

Inspired by Owen Philipson’s podcast reviews I thought I’d post up some of my recommended listens.

At the moment there’s only three cycling podcasts that I listen to with any regularity: The Bike Show from Resonance FM, Real Peloton and Velocast.

I spend my working day listening to some of the best speech broadcasters currently available in the UK, so my listening time outside work is valuable to me. These podcasts are recommended entirely on their merits as “a worthwhile listen”.

First up, The Bike Show from Resonance FM. I’ve appeared on the show a couple of times and can testify that Jack Thurston knows his ways around a studio and the fine art of constructing an interview.

But the real joy of the Bike Show is its catholicism. It’s from the Bike Show that I learned about Major Taylor and countless other parts of the church of cycling that are otherwise neglected by the mainstream. It’s a beautiful reminder of the simple pleasure of just riding your bike for no other reason than because it’s fun.

It was one of the first bike podcasts I discovered and has stayed in my subscription list while several others have come and gone. It retains a freshness of subject and delivery that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Jack is also one of the most watchful eyes on cycling issues as they affect London cyclists like myself.

Velocast is a more recent discovery. Initially I’d shied away from it on grounds of duration. When you spend eight to ten hours a day listening to speech radio, another hour out of the day is a big commitment for me. I’ve now addressed my commitment issues and I’m thoroughly enjoying a well made podcast that has its own distinct character.

It covers racing, bike geekery, components and riding in general with a wit and humour that is derived from its presenting duo, John and Scott. There’s good analysis of issues and a no nonsense approach to discussing thorny subjects.

I’ve only been listening for a few editions but it’s definitely a grower and broad enough to hold the attention of a wider audience.

Finally, Real Peloton which is Matt Rendell and Ned Boulting putting together a very fine half hour or so of banter, discourse and intelligent comment on professional cycling.

You’d expect that from two experienced broadcasters, but what they’ve done well is avoided letting their gobs run unfettered in the final product. You get a bit of philosophy, you get a bit of opinion and you get decent interviews with people with something useful to say.

You never feel short-changed on something useful with Real Peloton. The shame is that podcasts are difficult to monetise as this would be a proper breadwinner if it were to be sold in the same way that it would be as a built programme to a traditional broadcaster.

And the one’s that I don’t listen to?

Anything that is too long, too boring, too uninformative. It’s a bloody long list and there’s some names on there that really should have a look at themselves. I’m not going to link to them because they don’t merit it.

Here’s a couple that I think deserve special criticism.

Cyclingnews: Yes podcasts are meant to be a bit off-the-cuff but this is the equivalent of wearing a short-sleeved shirt under a suit. No big interviews, no big insight? Fail.

Guardian: You know all those reasons people give for disliking “cyclists”? They’ve managed to put almost all of them into podcast form. How do they manage to take all the fun out of riding a bike?

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