In tandem with Stella Artois

Having once again looked out the window and considered that it was too cold and too wet for me to go out – I am still recovering from illness – Sunday was spent going for a gentle walk and catching up on the internet.

Props to Urban Velo for this delightful Stella Artois ad.

What’s so great about it, other than it being a really great ad in the long tradition of Stella ads, is the details and the period of cycling it represents:

  • unmade roads
  • proper googles
  • jerseys with pockets at the front
  • refuelling in roadside bars
  • repairing your own punctures
  • caps not helmets

For me these are the sort of things I think modern cycling misses to some extent. The sense of adventure and challenge that you simply don’t get in an environment where team cars and lycra exist.

Part of me would like to do the L’Eroica sportive this year to get a taste of the past. I’ll hopefully be doing Flanders again this year, which is to my mind one of the rides that every cyclist should try at least once in their time.

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