What’s with your Victoria Pendleton obsession?

I know she’s cute, I know she’s pretty much unbeatable in a sprint event, but why is she the most common search term people end up at this site via? Is there nothing I’m writing about that is of interest *awaits predictable “no”?

Five out of my top ten searches are for her, or feature her alongside other terms. Unsurprisingly two of those are “nude” and “naked”. The other is “observer” which I assume is the newspaper.

The other five searches cover the title of the blog plus some things that maybe I’ve written about more than most:

The number of visits via google search as a result of these is pitiful in cold statistical terms. It’s less than 30, compared to the 250 plus from Victoria Pendleton’s name on its own.

I keep on saying I’d like to review more kit but I guess I need to pull my finger out and do it, and write more about pro racing. Once the Etape comes back on my radar then I’ll be updating that blog as well and figuring out how to make the two cross-post to each other, which is apparently doable.

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