Spring Classics: Leave Them All Behind by Ride

Keeping with my teenaged years of the early 1990s, Ride’s Leave Them All Behind is one of those songs that fits with cycling both lyrically and musically.

It’s one of the pinnacles of Shoegazer pop for me, from a time when it felt like there was a bridge between electronic/dance and guitar/indie music.

At eight minutes long it’s a good way to fill out the time it takes to do a little under half a lap of Richmond Park. I checked this yesterday, although my speed probably means it was closer to a third of a lap.

With the little breaks and shifts in the mood of the song it fits well with the rolling and expansive landscape of the Park.

Wheels turning around

Into alien grounds

Pass through different times

Leave them all behind

Just to see

We’ve got so far to go

Until we get there

Just let it flow

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