My Rapha Spring/Summer 2010 wishlist

The big headline is Rapha for Women at last!

Obviously my first response is to make a list of the things I want.

The lightweight jersey in light blue would be nice if I’m doing the Etape this year (of course this means the moment I get one it’ll be hellish weather).

Rapha lightweight jersey in light blue

It’s got something of a classic Bianchi team jersey vibe going on and not being white gives it a bit more usability in my book.

I need a new gilet and I’m quite tempted by the new white one. Although I do really like the contrast stripe of the old one which feels a little bolder than the piping.

rapha gilet in white

The full preview shows plenty of things that I WANT and expansion in the range that look interesting.

The city riding stuff is nice enough but doesn’t turn my cranks. Perhaps I’m a bit binary about having bike mode and town mode. I like what they’re doing but it doesn’t grab me for riding around town. That said the pocket t-shirt may turn out to be an opportune purchase at some point.

rapha pocket t

Would love to hear what you guys think of the new stuff. Any standout items, any duffers?

On the women’s stuff, I’d really love to hear what women who cycle think of it. Grit & Glimmer have got a first look with an American perspective I guess, but what about women cycling in the UK?

For me the three items are the core of any good cycling collection and the decision to go with normal shorts, not bibs is well thought out given the likely audience and type of event they’ll be riding.

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