One good half

The right side of my body seems to be working fine and coming along nicely, shame the same can’t be said for my left. If it was just the one thing that was troubling me then I could rest it but it’s the whole left side that’s causing problems, from the waist down. I woke up on Sunday morning in agony, having overslept, and missed my training ride which would probably have been a waste of effort anyway.

The tight hip flexor is back, nagging away at me like an irritated toddler. But it’s the thigh and calf that are more worrying as I’ve got stabbing/burning type pains in both which come and go and a noticeable lack of power on that side.

A quick rub of the calf tells me it’s a bit lumpy and could probably benefit from a good going over with a meat hammer. I’ve been stretching it as best I can but I’m finding it hard to target the bit that needs a good stretch without it twingeing. Likewise the thigh is tight but I don’t seem to be able to stretch the relevant bit properly to ease it off.

A doctor’s advice would probably be to avoid cycling until the pain subsides and use some embrocation to help keep it loose. The classic prescription of rest. A physio would probably prescribe a series of exercises and then charge me handsomely for it, although the service is available on the NHS if you push enough.

I may have to go to the doctor and stress how the problems are affecting my mobility on foot, if not on the bicycle. That said, on the bike it isn’t load bearing to the same extent so it’s not entirely without truth.

And I must start getting some decent sleep…

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