Navigating Oxford Street

Well, I’ve moved offices which means I’m having to work on a new route in. Instead of the flat side of High Street Kensington and through Hyde Park I’m now north of the park and go up Holland Park Drive before cutting through Connaught Square and other unfamiliar places to get to Fitzrovia.

I don’t think my route is as quick as it should be so I need to sit down wit the A to Z and memorise a quick one. Maybe it’s just down to a lack of familiarity once I get past the Lancaster Gate roundabout, but that stretch seems to take forever.

On the way back I keep on finding myself drifting up Oxford Street as I’ve not figured out a more suitable path out again. It feels like being a small dinghy in one of the great harbours of the world. You ghost along praying that the towering hulks of double deckers don’t decide to take against you.

You can gently glide against the side of the stationary ones if you so dare but you do so while praying that they don’t decide to move towards you and crush you. It’s a ridiculously congested route and I’m deperate to find another route out that isn’t too circuitous.

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