Well, that’s the bike ready

Now I just need to finish getting myself ready. I fitted the computer and got the cassette changed at Sigma Sport, who managed to fit me in and do it all in about 10 minutes.

The bike will probably go in for a final checkover about a month before the event, maybe some new tyres and new bar tape when I get out there. As for me, I’ll get a feeding of silly amounts of pasta and carbohydrates along with enough fluid to fill the Panama canal.

I’ve checked that there is a Decathlon in Gap which may want to stock up on cycling equipment as it’s not unlikely there’ll be a few of us descending on it for last minute emergency purchases, depending on the conditions.

Over on the Cycling Plus forum there’s an interesting thread on Etape jitters – http://www.cyclingplus.co.uk/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=93849 which I have thrown my two pennorth in on. Elsewhere, on Etape or Bust, it seems that a few people are having problems with their doctor’s certificates. I do hope it sorts itself out as I can imagine nothing worse than coming this far and then not able to go.

I’m currently living in fear of injury as I’ve got a bit of a niggle in my left quad which really needs seeing to. It means I’ve been taking it easy this week, although I did do my 16-20km up through Hampstead and Highgate in the middle of the week and didn’t feel too bad. Might pop out later today for a 30 km dash round Richmond Park at a reasonably high intensity if it brightens up.

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