The joy of rest

For the first time in what seems like ages I didn’t go out riding on Saturday. Instead I went off and did other things with my day and saved my energies for the Sunday ride through the Surrey Hills.

The difference was marked and worth noting: My legs felt stronger, I found myself riding on the front for extended periods and some insane urge found me attacking the hills from the outset. I felt much more at ease with the pace and less exhausted on the climbs overall though – even the long drag of Ranmore Hill didn’t kill me.

Admittedly these attacks on the hills were more foolhardy than advised as most people came winging past me about 500 metres later and I spent the rest of Sunday lying down in mild agony. For me the important thing is that I felt I could go at the hills rather than just try and survive them.

So this shift in schedule means I shall take a gentle ride into town later today to drop off some documents and call it a recovery ride, then I shall wait until Wednesday before going out for another decent ride which will be all about trying to work on my power and thresholds. From Wednesday it’s time for a rest before Sunday again, with maybe a couple of gentle rides inbetween.

As I’m starting a new job next week which involves a decent length commute of about 9km my mileage should start going up again meaning less need to worry about base miles and more time to concentrate on power which is where I feel I still need to do some work.

On the list to do before I start work again are:

Take the bike in and get a 12-27 block fitted. This is a bit of a priority as I’m finding that I can handle a 42/27 ratio but that 42/25 is just a bit high for me. Admittedly I’m covered by having a triple but I would feel more comfortable having that extra bit there as most of the time I can manage without having to shift down. Plus when the worst comes to the worst I need that emergency 30/27.

Remount my computer. I just need some cable ties really but I’ve been lazy about it/unable to figure out how to get it on the strange shaped forks. I’ve also been considering getting a new, flashier computer. But beyond current speed, average speed and distance I try not to pay too much attention to the thing and ride as much as possible on feel. Maybe it would be better if I knew cadence and various other things, or is it just more to obsess over?

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