5577 (Sas de d�part n� 6)

Yes, the numbers are up on the official site. Go to http://www.letapedutour.com/ and make sure you’re in the French version. It’s under “La liste des inscrits”. you enter you surname and it should produce a list including yourself.

This has made me incredibly nervous and excited. As you can tell from the post title my dossard is number 5577 and I’m starting in pen number 6. it looks like there are 7 pens in total, although there might be 8. So, as expected, I’m going to be starting nearer the back than I would like.

One might suspect that all those who have entered via a tour company have been lumped together, despite the draw being apparently a “tirage au sort”:

1 – Regroupement par paquet de 100 enveloppes de l’ensemble du courrier. (Grouped into bundles of 100 envelopes from the total mail)

2 – Tirage au sort des paquets d’enveloppes du premier jusqu’au dernier. (Drawing of lots from first to the last)

3 – Les enveloppes seront alors ouvertes dans l’ordre et, tous les bulletins s’y trouvant et compris dans le quota d’engagement pr�vu, seront retenus pour participer � l’�preuve. (Opened in order and all entries in envelopes, up to the foreseen quota, retained for particpation).

In fact it seems more than likely all our entries were in the same envelope. Other Etapists I’ve already spoken to are back in the same sort of area, pens 5-7, so it’s not just me.

If you are a fellow rider for Get Kids Going! or London Dynamo please send a comment with your dossard number and pen and I’ll add them all in here. then we can see if we can’t get a “Team GB” group going to work our way through the field in the early stages. A few English speaking voices should make life easier for us all when it comes to working in a group.

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