Famous faces on the Etape

Chris Hoy, one of Britain’s top track cyclists is riding it to raise money for Children with Leukemia, according to a story here:


So you can sponsor him or you can sponsor me, but please sponsor one of us as it is in a good cause. Now I know he’s quick on the track and starting a few pens up from me (he’s in four, I’m in six) but I’ve now pinned a vague hope on passing him or at least catching him on the road.

Ron Cutler’s Etape.org.uk site (see link right) has a very good piece on strategy and how fast you need to go where to make it round. you can read it in ful here:


At some point tonight I need to crack on with washing down the bike and preparing for packing it tomorrow evening. Then lunchtime tomorrow it’s one last dash round Condor for stuff I need and haven’t got yet. More spending, I know.

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