Packed and ready to go

With much swearing, sweating and shoving I packed up the bike into the case last night before indulging in a pizza as just reward for wrestling it into the case. Luckily I had popped into Borders at lunchtime to read Cycling Plus’ guide to packing a bike which was most helpful in picking up things I hadn’t thought of, such as removing skewers and rear mechs.

I’ve filled out the space in the box with all manner of clothing and parts plus energy drink sachets and gels. There’s my helmet and all my race day kit in one space, my other kit in another and lots of things secured with masking tape.

I’m really looking forward to it now and can’t wait to get out there. I’m taking my cameraphone for taking snaps. I do have a decent Leica camera but it would be just one more thing to lug around when all I’m going to be doing is taking snaps. I don’t want to risk carrying more than I have to and the cameraphone is idea for taking pics on the move. Ideally I’ll bring back some from the ride, if I have time to take any.

Better get a wriggle on and do some of the last minute stuff I haven’t done as I ahve to be at Euston to catch a coach by midday.

To everyone who has donated money: Thank you ever so much, it is deeply appreciated nd has motivated me a great deal to not disappoint you.

To everyone who has been reading: I hope you have enjoyed it, a full report when I get back, hopefully with pictures.

To everyone riding: good luck! You’ve put in the time, now reap the rewards. And don’t forget to enjoy it. I’ll see you out on the course. Remember pen 6, number 5577.

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