Chute sur la descente

I’m slightly muddy as I managed to have my first big fall of the year. Coming down a descent at about 50kph, misjudged a righthander, hit loose gravel and a rivulet of water, aquaplaned and then got thrown sideways off the bike. Luckily I landed in a muddy bank. Thank fuck for that bank.

Surprisingly little damage apart from pride but that took a battering anyway as I got dropped on ever hill of about a 100km ride. Everyone kept on having to wait for me at the top of hills which was quite embarassing. Otherwise I enjoyed my first trip out on the Sunday ride through the Surrey Hills with the Dynamo lot.

More annoying is that one of the little plates from the top of my levers came off and so I need to hunt down a replacement for it. Or I could just wear the lack of one as a badge of honour.

The bike really needs a proper clean but I need takeaway pizza so it’ll have to wait until this evening to get a full hose-down and scrub.

Post-bath analysis shows I have a bit of a bruise on my left shoulder at the back of the arm and a little stiffness in my left arm. Otherwise it’s the usual aches and pains of someone who has ridden further and faster than usual.

it only occurred to me when I got in how fast I was going. And that the banks on Alpine descents aren’t as soft, so I’ll be trying to avoid doing that again. I’ve taken plenty of pictures of the state of me for my records that I can file under “first big fall” and some of which I’ll pop on here at some point soon, hopefully later today.

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