Here’s some mud in your eye

Below are a few photos I took when I got home this afternoon after my fall. As you can see, mostly just mud on me but a couple of dings on the bike.

My Rapha top took the worst of the mud, right on the white bit which meant a good hard handwash to get it out. It could have been much worse if I hadn’t landed straight into a soft bit or there had been trees or bushes in the way.

I did manage to lose the little plate that goes in the top of my left-hand lever, which will now just remind me of what happens when I come off. I think I lost an energy gel as well which I didn’t notice until I really needed it up one of the climbs and was trying to force some flapjack down my throat while gasping for air.

Not sure how this happened but, by the look of it, that’s where my right foot came over the bike as it whipped round past me. It might have been from when the bike landed. Another reminder of why falling is a bad thing. I’ve cleaned down the bike and can’t find any other damage to speak of which is definitely a good thing.

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