E’gads it’s a real peasouper

Winter has finally arrived rolling across London with thick morning fog the last couple of days. It’s even forced the thick Altura winter jacket out of the closet, although it’s gone back in now that I’ve remembered just how much it makes me sweat. I think I may have to look at a softshell to replace it – Rapha and Howies are top of the list and I think we all know which one I really want. Better start saving then.

More importantly I’d better start training properly. I’ve noticed I’ve put on something monumentally stupid like 5kg since the summer and not all of that can be muscle. I’ve not even been out on my good bike since I flipped the stem and had my cyclefit. I would have gone out on Saturday but there’s some last minute Christmas stuff to be done so I might settle for riding down to my mum’s on Sunday if I don’t go out on a club ride.

From mid-January I won’t be doing my daily 30-minute-each-way commute which, ironically, may actually be beneficial as it will mean I’m not going to be too tired to train as a result of commuting. That doesn’t mean I won’t be cycling to work. Obviously I will be enjoying the five-minute blast up the road to work.

Tomorrow is another chance to commute in thick fog probably which is actually more fun than it should be, just so long as you don’t get too distracted by watching your own breath condensing in front of you.

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