Fashionable gear: adidas by Stella McCartney does cycling

Featured in her latest collection of adidas by Stella McCartney, due to hit stores in spring/summer 2010, is cycling gear.

adidas by Stella McCartney SS2010 - cycling outfit

Notes to other cycling clothing retailers

  • This is how you make cycling attractive to women. Well-cut, attractive clothing that isn’t just “shrink’n’pink”.
  • If you are selling clothing, strong, considered photography works. It’s clothing, not a physics experiment.
  • adidas are coming back to the market and are serious about it.

The mitts and cap both show signs that Stella has understood the sport and the style of clothing. It’s definitely Spring/Summer gear and the monochrome palette never fails.

The jersey and shorts similarly show touches that are “heritage”. The mid-thigh length of the shorts harks back to the era before “mo’ fabric, mo’ sponsors” became the norm. And the jersey, with its understated zebra print takes the Acqua e Sapone/Domina Vacanza kit of Mario Cipollini and brings it to a level which everyday cyclists can get away with.

Super Mario and Manager

Now that is what I call fashion forward.

There’s also triathlon gear which is, according to Grazia is “the next big thing among sporty types”. Here’s the quote from Stella:

“This collection continues to be a great success, and I’m very excited to introduce Triathlon and Cycling as new categories. I’m always trying to push myself and this new collection has everything you need in sports today: it is sleek, stylish and super sporty! Technically, both new sports are exciting, they are very personal yet still competitive, and they combine both a city and country experience which is very important to me.”

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