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Episode 2: The Qatar is operational!

Farewell Sandro Carrea; Nicole Cooke retires; Wiggle Honda – new teams, great, but what about the infrastructure?; Tour of Qatar – Al-Jazeera runs women’s race live, so why is it so difficult for others?; Yet another chance to talk about Lance Armstrong; Parliamentary Inquiry – will it get Britain cycling or put it on the wrong path? Continue reading

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Racing Through The Dark – David Millar interview

An interview with David Millar from June 2011 about his book, Racing Through the Dark: The Fall and Rise of David Millar, which charts his career up to his return to the sport after his doping ban. We discuss his own career, doping and what the future holds for cycling. Continue reading

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Recommended cycling podcasts: Bike Show, Real Peloton, Velocast

Inspired by Owen Philipson’s podcast reviews I thought I’d post up some of my recommended listens. At the moment there’s only three cycling podcasts that I listen to with any regularity: The Bike Show from Resonance FM, Real Peloton and … Continue reading

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