This is how to ride your bike in snow

With London struggling under the weight of a bit of light snow, the place has ground to a halt. It’s pretty embarrassing that it took me an hour to complete a ten minute journey on the bus in one of the world’s major cities.

Lots of people will probably be leaving their bikes at home or at work tonight – I left mine at the office – as all but the main routes haven’t been treated so are essentially nothing more than sheet ice. It’s not just that the roads are impassable, it’s that other traffic is entirely unpredictable.

So, here’s a big hat tip to Andy Waterman for flagging the amazing conditions and riding at the Cyclocross World Cup race in Kalmthout

We both rode the London League race, he finished third, I finished about third from last. But it was a lot of fun, if really tough on the concentration and bike handling. to be honest my mind’s still a bit fried from it.

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