There’s wet and there’s wet

Yes, I enjoy riding in the rain usually but this weekend’s torrential downpours were just a little beyond my abilities. When I looked out on Saturday the rain was clattering against my window and I headed back to the duvet without a second glance. Cowardly I know but sensible in other ways.

My hip and back are still giving me grief so I’m trying not to overdo it until I can get them looked at. On the plus side, I’ve managed to stop smoking again so the edge isn’t going off my fitness as quickly. The commute in to work is seeming easier again too, if somewhat frustrating as I now do a rough figure of eight: I go in via Holland Park Drive and out via High Street Kensington.

The good news is that, thanks to some good dialogue with the Met on the part of Paul from London Dynamo, the whole brouhaha over speeding cyclists seem to have blown over for the moment. So next weekend I might be out again, or I might go racing at Hillingdon as the winter series begins and I quite fancy taking a tilt at it.

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