No longer last up the hills

Firstly, apologies for my absence over the last week or two. I’ve been moving house which means a lack of internet access and sleep. It has also meant a lack of hours on the bike which has been rather frustrating.

I was a bit daunted before the 2/3/4 race at Hillingdon on Saturday and after being lapped twice inside 15km I was feeling even worse. I could taste blood in my throat and had that horrible burning sensation that comes from over-exertion. I decided there was no point in killing myself out for three laps down and another DNF (they pull out the lapped riders with 5 to go).

In the end there was a little huddle of us Dynamo fourth cats by the start line as we discussed the relative kickings we had each received. Mine involved going well to start with until I was trying to move up and found myself being squeezed on the corner, leaving me no real option but to go “cross-country” and take to the grass verge. I tried to chase back on but the loss of momentum was all too much for me and I drifted until there was no point continuing the chase.

Cliff also found the grass while Jason, Matt and Mark also gamely hung on until they got lapped. It’s all part of the learning experience but it was a painful one. Perhaps I’ll stick to the straightforward 3/4 races until I start scoring some points (chance would be a fine thing).

Still Sunday was a better experience, despite the gusting winds trying to blow us all over the road in the Surrey Hills. Best bit: not struggling up hills as much as I usually do. Worst bit: the frankly unhelpful hail storm as we went up Box Hill.

I’ll have to cut this short as I need to do some work. Once I have home access again life should be easier.

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