Blasted ill!

I’ve spent the last few days sat at home trying not to move or cough. Yes, I had “a flu-type virus” which has filled my head with snot, made my lungs rattle and generally caused me to watch too much daytime telly.

I think I’ll put it down to not fully recovering after last weekend’s exertions, although the illness didn’t kick in properly until Wednesday so I’m not sure if it’s related. Sometimes being ill can result in much eating of soup and some sort of weight loss but for me it did practically nothing eitehr way, despite me ravenously demolishing large portions of everything in the fridge.

I’m still a bit sniffly and cough-ridden so I’m trying not to get back on the bike too soon but I need to drop into town today to get my seatpin replaced with the right one now that Cyclefit have got the parts in. I also need to sort out gettng a physio to deal with my ongoing left leg issues – tightness at the hip flexor and hamstring going all the way down the leg.

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