Christmas is coming

It’s a difficult time if you are looking for gifts for your cycling-obsessed, loved one. Thankfully, the subject is covered in some detail (and a jolly good job they do too) by the Two Johns podcast. A little American-centric but neatly divided into price points, it’s a great little listen:

The Two Johns Podcast – Christmas buying guide

Yes, It's a Tomato on a Bicycle, Wearing a Santa Claus Hat

This all helps to cover for the fact that I’ve yet to get any training done. I’ve managed to catch two or three of the many colds going round London in a row wiping out the last fortnight to three weeks.

I’ve managed not to balloon up the scales and I’m still holding tight to the 75kg mark which is a good place to be. Previous years I’ve done cyclocross or taken it easy for most of November and December so I’m not panicking as yet about my fitness, just concentrating on getting healthy again.

Even if you start in January you’ve got a good few months before you have to seriously think about your racing. I don’t usually get into the road racing stuff until late February when you start to get beginners’ races in the calendar and the Winter Series start drawing to a close.

I had planned to get some winter series action in before Christmas but after all this illness, I don’t feel much like wearing myself out chasing wheels in the freezing cold. Especially as I’m currently looking forward to my snowboarding holiday in Banff over Christmas and will get killed if I break/injure myself before then. It’s just tempting fate to go racing isn’t it?

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