Allez, c’est parti!

Yes, It’s all go in London for Le Tour. Went for a pootle around the entire prologue course this morning and took some photos which are now on my TDF set in flickr:

My Flickr Tour De France 2007 set

I’ll be updating it throughout the day tomorrow and posting to here from my mobile if I get any good stuff.

I was going to borrow the posh camera from work to do a photojournal of the day but thought I’d stick to my formula from Flanders where I did it all on my Sony Ericsson K800i. Those pics didn’t turn out too badly and I have grown to like the rawness of photoblogging and phonecam snaps. I might take my little Leica compact as well and snap with that as well to see what I get.

As I was riding I should mention that I went for a Cyclefit checkup earlier this week. Antony put my bike on the turbo trainer and tweaked my position a bit. A few little shifts in the cleat and saddle position have got me feeling a great deal more comfortable on the bike. He told me to take it easy and “ride into the new setup” which I have been doing.

The difference is noticeable as I’m no longer getting the tightness around the left hip and lower back when I put the power down. I found myself flying up Holland Park Avenue this morning at over 30km/h without more effort than I used to need for 10 slower than that.

I’m tapering for the Etape so the next week and a bit is taking it relatively easy and preparing myself mentally. I’ve got a new 12/27 cassette to try out and see if that extra tooth gives me that little extra I think I might need on the big climbs to keep me out of a cadence range where I feel like I am grinding too much.

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