Squad rotation, pro peloton-style

I’ve given up trying to keep track of who is going where next season. And I’m not just talking about riders but manufacturers, sponsors and most likely cuddly toys and small dogs.

Could everyone who is staying where they are this year put their hands up, it’s going to be easier to count up that way? Right now I’ve got that sorted, here’s the bits I’m fairly sure I’ve got right:

  • Everyone is going to a team named after a Russian rocket, Katyusha
  • All the British riders are doing their best to avoid being available in 2010 for the GB professional-national team that Dave Brailsford keeps on banging on about
  • All the bike manufacturers have decided that it’s keys in the fruit bowl to decide who gets who to ride their bikes next year
  • More bandwidth will be wasted on Lance Armstrong than porn in the 2009 season

You were expecting me to take this seriously? To paraphrase Dave Lee Roth, bikes and bike racing are far too important to take seriously. If you want news, try some of the following:




Cycling Weekly

This way I don’t have to tell you about my disastrous rush of blood on Saturday which saw me go tearing off on lap two then suffer “the hunger knock” (copyright Sean Kelly) midway through before getting the sprint all wrong again and sitting up in frustration.

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