Imperial Winter Series 2009/10: 4th Cat, 23 January 2010

Imperial Winter Series 4th Cats, 23 January 2010 by Lucy Collins

(Photo by Lucy @ Imperial RT who organises the Winter Series)

There I am, another futile attack, this time trying to go after the mid-race prime. Went too early in pursuit of my friend James Curry (on the right of shot), both of us reaching our limits well before the line and were swamped by the field.

So I’ve no idea what the prize was. I’m now determined to find out before the end of the series. It seems like a reasonable alternative to trying to score points. Priorities? Yes, I know.

The rest of the race consisted of throwing a couple of digs in and trying to work on keeping myself positioned in the middle to front third of the bunch which always feels like the least safe place to be in a 4th Cat race.

The back third is of course where the real trouble and on the last lap someone had “a moment” in the middle of the bunch and squirted off across the U-bend at the start of the lap. Cue scattering riders heading onto the grass and hauling on brakes in desperation.

Yes I was behind it, no it didn’t affect the likelihood of me scoring points. I rolled across the line in the stragglers. Next week, there is always next week.

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