Spring Classics: Waterfall by The Stones Roses

As the days lengthen so the time for riding grows. Music has always filled my head when I ride, regardless of whether I’m wearing my headphones or not.

Some tunes fall into the category of CHOON! and recur on playlists and preferences at certain times of the year.

Waterfall is inextricably a Spring song.

It’s the guitars that make it one. That swirling chorus effect that underpins the crispness of the riff, played through what sounds like a Vox AC30 amp (Perry help me out here).

The hushed, unforced vocals and harmonies are for me the audio equivalent of enjoying the sight of your breath condensing in front of you.

The precise interlocking of the rhythmic bass pulse and metronomic high hat has pushed me up the hills and along the lanes for many years now.

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