Can’t seem to get lucky

Another unsuccessful Tuesday at Hillingdon for me. I just can’t seem to get lucky in those races.

Was going well, working my way up through the wheels in the last three laps then some numpty completely fails to take the bottom corner and I find myself practically at a stop trying not to get taken down by him as he scythes across the circuit and into the long grass.

Got back on and finished in the bunch although could have done better if the sprint had opened up rather than being blocked by a blanket of people dying across the track. Afterwards a few of the regulars (me and a couple of the Willsden boys) decided that in future we might as well just sacrifice ourselves to lead it out and at least give us all a better chance at the points.

A couple of things though that occur to me as a result which I thought I’d share with you

  • Often in 4th cat races riders who go off the circuit panic and try to get back on. DON’T, let the rough stuff slow you and rejoin at the back otherwise you risk taking everyone else down.
  • The wind at Hillingdon is getting worse or we’re going faster. Either way our average of 38km/h is what the pros do on an Alpine stage. Hillingdon is pan flat. How’s that for perspective?

Meanwhile the Tour rolls on and I continue to be cheered by Cadel Evans grim determination to hang on again vastly superior firepower. I’d not bet against him being able to claw back the time on Sastre in the time trial on Saturday.

That and the possibility of Wim Vansevernant setting a record of three consecutive Lanternes Rouges which is a far more notable achievement in my book. Bill Strickland on bicycling has an excellent article on why it is such an important part of the race:

Read First At Being Last

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