Victoria Pendleton: not famous enough

She’s gorgeous, she’s articulate and she’s bloody quick on a bike. Enough of my boyish lusting about one of the best women on the track, Victoria has given Will Fotheringham of The Guardian and excellent interview:

Victoria Pendleton on why she’d love to be more famous…

I have to agree with some of her points but some would argue that Athletics was fairly well represented with two women. What her absence from the shortlist does show is how narrow the attention of many sports desks is in this country. Some don’t have a cycling correspondent so it depends on whether or not they have someone with an interest in cycling on the desk as to whether it gets covered. Others are so focused on the big audience sports that niche is as nothing to them.

Still, I look forward to seeing Victoria hammering round Manchester in March at the World Championships. Hopefully I can find a way to blag myself up there for work purposes.

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