Right turn Clyde

Another genius line from the ever-consistent wit of Bikesnob NYC:

“I hadn’t ridden much since the pre-Dunston days, when I was a hairy fixture on the So-Cal crit circuit. (Show me a banana prime and I’ll show you a sprint that makes Ale-jet look like a lemur on a tricycle.)” – Fixedgeargallery… of Special Reviewers

He may be in New York, and thus based in the “the colonies”, but by jingo the chap can write. If you don’t already read it, you almost certainly are missing out.

Meawhile I skived going for a ride other than to the shops on my day off today. I will make it up with a ride tomorrow morning. Richmond Park beckons for a blast in the winter air on the Dolan, subject to sunny conditions and me getting up in time.

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